“Le Grand Soufflet” is an international accordion festival. It has been taking place every year in October in the city of Rennes and other different cities of the Ille-et-Vilaine department (French Brittany) since 1996. It is now one of the most important festival dedicated to the instrument. About 15 000 people attend to the festival each year, in 30 to 40 venues, mainly about 120 people venues and about 5 venues around 500 people.
The purpose of the festival is to show the modernity and the diversity of accordion (and harmonica in modern style of music such as electronic, punk, rock, experimental... So we already invited some of the most important artists from all over the world representing different styles of music (Brasil, Canada, Argentina, Madagascar, Finland, etc…) but also young promising artists from France and other countries.

Some of the international artists invited over the years :
KIMMO POHJONEN (electro fusion Finlande), RICHARD GALLIANO (Jazz France), MOTION TRIO (classique contemporain Pologne), QUANTIC (electro Cumbia France), KING COYA (electro cumbia Argentine), KOTTARASHKY & THE RAIN DOGS (electro World Bulgarie) , ORCHESTRE SYMPHONIQUE DE BRETAGNE & PASCAL CONTET (contemporain France), MEXICAN INSTITUTE OF SOUND (electro cumbia Mexique), ANAKRONIC ELECTRO ORKESTRA (electro Dub France), GYSPSY SOUND SYSTEM (electro world Suisse) , ALDO GRANATO (electro world Belgique), NOMAD FREQUENCIES (electro world France), FAAUNA (electro cumbia Argentine), RADIKAL SATAN (punk expérimental Argentine), PATO MACHETE (Rap hip hop Mexique) , THE URBAN VOODOO MACHINE (punk rock Angleterre), TONINHO FERRAGUTTI Forro jazz Brésil), THE ROUGHNECK RIOT (punk Angleterre)...

2018 Festival : 3rd of October >13th of October

2017 Festival
4th of October >14th of October
Ball of the world !

At the Grand Soufflet festival, the accordion has always been a good reason. A good reason to meet, a good reason to celebrate, a reason to be together turned to the others. And this year’s theme - the ball of the world - reinforces if needed our willingness to listen elsewhere, far from the commonly accepted standards, beyond what is given us to listen to. The world is full of music that has no other borders than those we build against it : this is no fake news that you can check for yourself from the 4th to 14th of October in Rennes, Ille-et-Vilaine.

They come from everywhere these accordions of the world, to join the program 2017 of the festival. Starting with Poland with Motion Trio or Bubliczki, from Reunion Island with René Lacaille or Pachibaba, Fixi’s new band, from Canada around Ol’Savannah’s folk-blues ritournelles, from the background of Irish pubs with Madigan or Doolin’, in the luggage of Latino-American Raul Barbosa or the offsprings of Kumbia Boruka, in the heart of Nomad Frequencies, or Balbino Medellin, from all over the world with Le Projet Schinéar. And that’s not all. It becomes the star of the P’tit Bal, like the P’tit son, dance machine for Barbatruc, Pasha Disco Club, Trans Hip Hop Express, the Caribbean Roger Raspail or the Bretons Alain Pennec, Yannig Noguet, Bernard Loffet. But also faithful companion of the lyrics of Ti Mano, Sangue, Gabriel Saglio, the Ogres de Barback and Debout Sur Le Zinc, the beautiful Doll Sisters, the guys of Avenue Ronsard and the gang Les Pistons Flingués. And as nothing frightens him, we find him passenger of the Maxi Monster Music Show, both Bob & Hercule, in surfer mode with Les Garçons de Plage and farm boy at Cie Les Plumés. More than a traveling companion, the accordion is this year at the Grand Soufflet, the queen of the ball.

> 1996 to 2016 line-ups

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